Veo 2 AM-204 - Monopie de aluminio

Veo 2 AM-204 - Monopie de aluminio

Item: Veo 2 AM-204

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The Vanguard VEO 2 AM-204 is one of the most lightweight, compact portable monopods with an anti-slip rubber foot.  This monopod has a folded length of under 20” and is capable of carrying loads up to 8.8lbs.  Perfect for shooting with small compact cameras, DSLR’s with small compact zoom lenses or kit lenses and entry level video cameras.  The ½” turn lock/unlock leg locks allow easy quick set-up and height adjustments so you can shoot at any level.  The added caribiner and wrist strap make moving from location to location fast and effective.

An excellent monopod to use everywhere in the field when a tripod is not allowed!