VEO 2 BH-50 - Rótula de bola compacta

VEO 2 BH-50 - Rótula de bola compacta

Item: Veo 2 BH-50

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The VEO 2 BH-50 Ball Head is mainly designed for compact travel tripods and monopods. It’s a compact Aluminium Ball Head that delivers high-performance. Whether you are trying to get great portrait or landscape shots, this solid ball-head delivers an incredibly solid grip. Weighing in at just 0.3 kg / 0, 66 lbs, it performs with up to a work load of 8 kg / 17.6 lbs; which is perfect for mirrorless camera equipment or any DSLR with medium sized lenses.

The VEO 2 BH-50 comes with 3 ergonomic locking knobs that make it easy to adjust your shoot angle to your desired positions: 1 main oversized knob makes the operation easy for locking or tilting. 1 knob dedicated to friction control makes adjustments easier and safer while providing superior movement control. 1 last knob for the panning function makes taking panoramic pictures so much easier coupled with spirit level and 360° marking on the ball head rotating base.

The ball head uses a standard ¼” thread to attach to all standard travel tripods with removable heads, or monopods. The Quick Release plate is Arca compatible.

Peso 300g 300g
Carga máx. 8kg 8kg
Altura 9,3cm 9,3cm
Diámetro base 45mm 45mm
Rotación 360º 360º
Zapata QS-60S QS-60S
Zapata tipo Arca